Geelong Development June 2017

Business confidence in Geelong is continuing to grow from strength to strength.  Due to exceptional growth in Geelong many businesses have high optimism for jobs being created in a number of key industries.

In fact, almost half of the businesses surveyed in the annual Geelong Business Trends Deakin survey expect to hire more staff in 2017. A huge 77% of businesses in Geelong also anticipate a rise in profits for the current financial year.

The manufacturing industry which has been the backbone of Geelong’s economy for more than a century has suffered some major blows recently. However, Geelong is reinventing itself and focusing on more niche markets that will drive the market forward.

There are a wide range of exciting economic development pillar projects about to commence in the area. Many are large priority projects that will boost the economy in the area.

A good example of just one priority project is the Waterfront Geelong – Safe Harbour Precinct. This project will deliver new visitor economy revenues and jobs and activate a minimum of $16 million in non-government investment in future stages including further marina upgrades, expansion and retail development.

Businesses are excited to work with the new government (after a recent change) to ensure the continued growth of the city.

To discuss further please contact Kane Smith, Geelong Client Account Manager on 0424 125 455.

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