The first 3 weeks by David

My first 3 weeks – David Zammit.

When I first applied for my role at Hill Start International, it was because I’d read in the job description that it would involve learning in 6 months what most people would learn in 2 years. So far, Hill Start has lived up to this expectation and then some.

Now at the end of week 3, I’ve made more phone calls in my time here than I think I have in my entire life – no, literally. Being thrown into the deep end has really allowed me to try to rise to a challenge and is having a very positive impact on my self confidence in general. Besides making heaps of phone calls I’ve learned how to and not to create and maintain a database properly, I’ve learned about marketing systems such as Hubspot and Salesforce, I’ve conducted interviews with people that have a heap more experience than myself and most importantly I’ve been given a snapshot of what can be achieved in a short space of time with the right attitude and a clear goal.

At the end of 3 weeks, I’m now looking forward to my next 3 weeks where I hope to start bringing in business to the company and further improve my research and phone skills.

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