CV Service

As organisations expect more from their prospective employees and competition for all jobs increases, there has been a dramatic increase in focus on having “the best possible CV”.

To answer this demand from our clients and candidates, we have created a brand new CV service, providing job seekers and executives generally with a turbo-charged CV geared towards success.

How many job advert responses are you NOT getting due to your CV being overlooked? What if you could increase the number of calls to interview following your CV submissions? Interviewing for more jobs could lead to an even greater increase in salary upon changing jobs and at least offer a wider choice of job opportunities you are interested in.

Having worked with candidate CVs for over 20 years I estimate it takes on average 6 hours to gather data, prepare and correct a complete CV. And how frequently does an individual prepare a CV? On average once every 4 years. I calculate I have reviewed well in excess of 20,000 CVs and created literally thousands of high quality resumes. What is more, I am fully up to date with regard to the latest trends in CV presentation, especially with regard to ensuring a CV stands out from the crowd and increases the chances of interview.

This specialist service costs $140 plus GST (AU$154 total) and involves a full CV creation, update or makeover as well as two detailed consultations, one at the outset to receive information and understand requirements and another at the end of the process to fine-tune all changes and ensure data accuracy.

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