Malop Street Green Spine

18 July 2017 by Kane Smith

Geelong residents travelling through the city may be wondering what is happening in Malop street as construction on “The Green Spine” begins.

The Green Spine project will deliver more trees and green spaces to the city, it will transform Geelong into a more attractive and inviting place. It will offer a unique attraction as there’ll be nothing else like it in Australia.

The Green Spine is a plan based on a vision for the street as a ‘Botanic Walk’. The walk will include a mix of native and exotic plantings and new seating options for people to sit, eat and relax. Also, one way separated bike lanes will feature on both sides of the street to make it safer for those exploring the area or commuting by bicycles.

The plan for the initial stages of the Green Spine has been prepared as part of the Malop to Myers Street Revitalisation Project. Funding of $8 million for stage 1 has been contributed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the City of Greater Geelong and Regional Development Victoria.

The current development is on the South side of Malop street and is expected to be finished by Christmas. The North side of Malop street will also receive an upgrade in 2018. All businesses will be open during the works and will be accessible to pedestrians and vehicles.


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